3 Reel UK Fruit Machine Games

Lots of visitors to our site have requested 3-reel games with nudge and hold features. Although these games are not as common as the new Vegas video slots, we have found some for you to enjoy. These games can be played for free with no need to register your details or to download software. All you have to do to play is press the spin button!

Three Reel Slots Games

Lots of UK slot machine players still see 3-reel games as being the most fun. These games are the oldest and most traditional of all of the slot machines out there, but they remain really popular. These days there are loads of new variations and twists thrown in to keep them fresh.

One of the biggest reasons that three reel slots games still get the attention they do is because traditionally, they have always been simple to play. All you really have to do is press the spin button and sometimes (especially with UK online casinos versions) use the nudge and hold features.

There are virtually no three reel penny slots anywhere except some online casinos which allow the user to set the denomination down that low.

The typical three reel slot machine starts at a quarter and goes up from there, typically running at fifty cent, dollar and five dollar coin values. While there are players who prefer the penny and nickel slot machines, most of the players who play those machines are doing so for the type of games, not because the denomination is so low.


Straightforward Betting

On top of being in popular denominations, three reel slot machines are typically drastically more straight forward with their betting system. Typical three reel slots allow the player to choose to play one, two or three coins and have the payouts from these bets listed clearly.

There are variations but because there are only three reels, there are going to be far less options in terms of betting combinations. This means that a three reel quarter machine will typically have a max bet of seventy five cents and no more.

Even multi-line machines will be capped at far fewer credits than five reel multi line machines and a side bet machine will only cost one credit, upping the total to a dollar per spin to maximize the payouts.


Playing on a Piece of Gambling History

One of the other reasons many people enjoy playing three wheel slots games is because they are a simple, timeless design that makes them relaxing and calming.

The betting strategies are very simple and the luck involved is very apparent. For some, they may play table games for a time but they will always start and end a trip to a casino with a trip to the three wheel slot machines. The trip at the beginning is for luck and the one at the end, often in the airport, to try to recoup a little bit of their losses before flying home.

Because the machines are simple and higher denominations, they do tend to payout a little better and a little more often than lower denomination machines and their attraction is more for those who want to plunk down a little cash here and there rather than camp out for hours spinning over and over again, hoping to win a big payout.

There are people who do that with these games but the trend lately has been for the nickel and penny slots to be the focal point for the serious casino gamer.

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