UK Casino Slots

Modern UK casino slots are changing quickly. More and more, the old 3 reel fruit machines are disappearing and new Vegas-style slots are being brought in to replace them.

These new video slots have load sof features never seen before in the UK, so they give a really refreshing change. They also offer the chance to win a lot more money. Gone are the days when £5 was the top prize - some of these machines offer £1m jackpots!

Casino Slot Machines

Casino slots (USA slots) are different from UK slot machines. With these games there is no nudge or hold features, but you do get amazing bonus games. With no skill involved and no secret hidden features that can help you win more often, USA-style casino slots are much more about entertainment than they are to do with gambling.

As mentioned, the fun with these games comes in the bonus features and the entertainment you get from them, rather than in figuring out how the game works and how best to beat the fruit machine.

No matter which variation of video slot you play, all you have to do is insert your coins, spin the wheel and check your combination on the payout schedule whether it is a win. The difference between usa slot machines is in the pay-line, reels, coin denomination, added features such as bonus and free spins. Learning to play casino slots is a very simple thing, unlike some of the older style UK pub fruit machines.

Introduction to Slot Games

All slot games are based on one main concept - insert coins, spin the wheel and check your combination if it is a win or lose. Slot machines have become popular all over the world, especially in UK online casinos. They come with several variations and new games are being added more often. Some slot machines have been modified to comply with the laws of some countries. The modifications include the portion that the casinos are allowed to keep and pay outs made by the casino to the winners.

In this guide, I will outline various slot games that you will normally find in online or land based casinos. If you were new to slots then you would have to know the types of slot games available before you think of selecting a slot game of preference.

The Variations

There are several thousands of slots variations available and new variations are being added by casinos to attract players. It becomes very difficult to describe each variation but all in all the variations are based on common themes.

There are the 3 reel fruit machines and 5 reel fruit machines, single line, three line slot machines bonus slots and the progressive slots. The best way to place the games in a category is to distinguish the ways in which they are designed.

Reels: the three reels and five reels are the most common in slots. These reels are placed vertically in a slot machine and symbols are printed on these reels. There five reel slots are known as the classic slots while the three reel slots are known as the regular slots. Other slots machines have more than five reels.

Number of Rows: the number of rows vary from one slot machine to another. Slots machines can have one or more rows. Additional rows can be included above and below the payout schedule for players to see it their combinations was close to a win or not.

Number of Pay-lines: For most 3-reel slots, the pay-line is at the center, but others can have pay-lines zigzagged. Classic old-fashioned slots often have a single pay-line while new slots have many more. The pay-lines are activated by each coin placed. For example, a three pay-line slot machine will ne a max of three coins to activate all pay-lines.

Coins - players would have to know that each slot machine accepts one specific denomination. Slots can be played with hundreds of dollars, dollars or pennies. High rollers usually accept denominations as high as $500. Most machines allow players to insert a max of three coins or five coins for its maximum bet.

Free spins: free spins are part of the bonus slots. If players activate all pay-lines, a bonus feature will be activated and players have a chance of winning free credits. The free spins are enforced to attract players to play slots and increasing the player’s chances of winning. Depending on which slot machine you are playing, players can be awarded from as little as 10 – 100 free spins. If you have a chance of being awarded 100 free-spins, this will pretty much guarantee a good win.

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